sure,why not 0u0

can’t draw shit , fuck , fuck art block 

can’t draw shit , fuck , fuck art block 


Anonymous asked: "Omg your fanfiction is great! I wasn't gonna read it at first cause I'm not very good at Chinese(even though it's my first language :P) but I decided to do so anyways cause what the heck I need to learn to read Chinese stories that's not from the textbook anyways and that's how your fanfiction became the first Chinese story I have ever voluntarily read. Keep it up! <3 (I'm sorry this ask is long)"

oh my gosh·················

thank you so much !!thank you so much !!thank you so much !!(重要的事情要说三遍)

i don’t even know here’s someone can understand my fanfic (* ´艸`)

sorry about your first voluntarily Chinese story is my such weird fanfiction~

but still··↓

aww thank you again,it’s really mean a lot to me, and good luck on your Chinese study ! have a nice day ! 

I wrote a helmet party fanfiction ⊙▽⊙

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Anonymous asked: "SECOND ONE OF COURSE! -parties-"

hell yeah

Anonymous asked: "Do you like that; Engie riding Solly like the cowboy engie is?"

which one do you mean ??

i like the second one by the way 

my friend sent me this XD 

from ChengDu slash only 2 !!! 

maonethedwarf asked: "goodie, here I thought I'm the only remaining survivor who doesn't like switching in my ships, I can't see engie topping either, glad I'm not the only one lol"

oh my gosh···········

i’m not the only one don’t like switching in my ships ??!!!!!!! T0T T0T

let me hug you ! 

*full of tears*

Anonymous asked: "But what about Dell going cowboy on Jane? What about that?"

What about it ??

cecilofstrexcorp asked: "hiya... i've seen your stuff and absolutely love it to peices... i was wondering if you could possiblly draw some nsfw stuff with Engie topping? For some reason he always gets put on bottom... think it might be cuz he's a tiny cutie baby. If you don't wanna tis completely fine!"

no nononononon not this again 

why you guys can’t just respect what i like and i choice to draw ? 

 For some reason ” ?? the only reason is

 I DON’T LIKE IT,I don’t like top engi,and i don’t like bottom soldier.

i ship soldier(top)/engineer(bottom) NOT engineer(top)/solider(bottom),and YES, it’s 2 very different ship for me.for me i said. if you think they are the same ship i totally understand,it just not my business~ so i hope you can understand me as well.

so please stop ask me with this kind of top engi/bottom soldier question.

ok ??