blackcatkin asked: "Hi Ling, can I ask what happened to the Pirate AU : ( It was really cool, I'm gonna miss it.."

what happened??????nothing happened at all i guess???
if I have some new idea about this au I will draw it again~
Thanks for asking ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

blackberrydowns asked: "Your drawings are so adorable. I love them and your style is so awesome. Thanks so much!!! (not really a question, just a honest statement! )"

wow Thank you so much as well !!!! You made my day~
*kiss kiss hug hug*

solemn-vow asked: "Medic is so evil >:3 And when Dell and Jane get out of the janitor's closet, all they see is Tavish and Medic chilling outside playing poker or something and making bets on who will kiss/confess first and if Dell and Jane will decide to room together. Because you know Tavish would get Jane's butt over there. Maybe Tavish tells Jane to meet up with him after school instead and then he and Medic push Dell and Jane into the closet."

hahahahahahaha ohmygod those two have the worst friend in the world !!!!but it does really funny and cute XD

solemn-vow asked: "What if Medic tells Jane and Dell to meet him after school separately without them knowing that the other is going to show up and shoves them both into the janitor's closet and locks the door, leaving them to talk about their feelings? (I love your art and your AUs :3)"

Ohhhhhh my this is adorable , medic you little evil thing

miss-twila asked: "Maybe after the vomit incident Dell starts avoiding Jane cause he feels bad and embarrassed about it and doesn't think Jane likes him back after that, so then everytime Jane tries to talk to him Dell runs away. So eventually when Dell tries to run away from him again Jane grabs him and asks him why he's been avoiding him (cause he's starting to miss him being around), so uh one thing leads to another and they have a little smooch ❤ (I'm not good with stories but this is all I could come up with)"

oh my I really like this,I can totally imagine how dell avoid jane, andit will be super cute somehow,but I also think he should apologize to jane,idk,it will be super embarrassed,but I think it’s the right thing to do ,and also ,do you think it’s maybe happen too fast if Jane start like him after this “puke”thing?and of course very grateful for your suggest!!

stuck at college AU, again.

don’t know what should happened next···I need a way to make Jane like Dell····

ˊ_>ˋany advice?

Anonymous asked: "Go to church"



helmet party

sorry I had to add this,hope you don’t mind ><

this just soooooo cute my gosh i can’t  breath

yoooo so I create a new account to put all my fanfiction,weird idea/headcanon,bunch of bullcrap,OOC stuff,maybe some weird nsfw i draw ,so you guys no need to see them in here! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Anonymous asked: ""Cum" is the stuff that comes out of a penis. A more accurate term would be ejaculation, but basically it's naughty stuff :3c your little engie is so cute though! <3"

holy fuck i really misunderstood····················( ;´Д`)

and really thanks for the explain ,here’s another shitty doodle,hope you don’t mind ( ;´Д`)